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    • 06 OCT 16
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    New Practices April 2016 to October 2016

    QUEENSLAND HEALTH HOSPITAL DEPARTMENTS An increasing number of Queensland Health hospital departments are set up with Medical Objects. A number of the departments are for inbound referrals only, some are for outbound discharge summaries only, and some can provide both services. The following table details whether they are inbound/outbound/or both. To find the departments on

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    • 07 APR 16
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    Check out our new secure messaging calculators

    Check out our new calculators for Specialists and Allied Health. You can save bundles on secure messaging. Find out how much $$$$  you can save today. Using Medical-Objects allows the GP, Specialist or Allied Health user to send letters and referrals directly from all major Practice Management Software or even Microsoft Word. In addition the

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