Secure Messaging

In a time when the demand on public and private hospitals is growing and cutbacks are common, the need to streamline workflow is paramount. Medical-Objects provide secure and economical communication, which is the basis of good healthcare.

Think of the number of faxes sent daily; is there any guarantee they reach their destination? Are they legible? Communicating electronically via Medical-Objects is more secure and efficient than fax.

Our messaging software is automated and messages are received within minutes of them being sent. All messages are encrypted and comply with Australian standards. Open your hospital to the Medical-Objects network to improve efficiency and patient care with over 54,500 connected health providers.

Integrates with all major Practice Software

Also Shexie, Medical Spectrum, Communicare, VIP, GPComplete, The Practice, and any other practice software that can import HL7 or PIT.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can hospitals receive?

Central Referral Departments can receive electronic Tactical e-Referrals and provide their referrers with fast real-time acknowledgements to confirm delivery. The hospital can also send back requests for further information if necessary. Admission departments can use Medical Objects to receive admission request forms to streamline the booking process.

What can hospitals send?

Discharge summaries sent electronically can only improve patient care as information is disseminated to GP’s quickly and securely. However, you are also able to use the Medical-Objects system for; medication requests from GP’s; notification of admissions; deaths; and other events, which can assist in the communication process.

Specialist Outpatient can use Medical-Objects to retrieve pathology results and reports from outside labs and radiology companies, and provide consolidated results for its clinicians. Electronic delivery of data to a single site where it is automatically filed and easily accessible across the network, frees staff to perform other patient-centric duties.

Can I track Results or Discharge Summaries?

Yes, you certainly can! At the click of a button, all correspondence sent or received via Medical-Objects has an audit trail and can be monitored. You will know when the report reaches its destination when it is imported into the clinicians practice software. No more lost faxes or letters; you will know the status of all results.

Is it Secure?

All results are protected with world class security solutions like Medicare PKI, PGP encryption, user authentication, and network security. When using Medical-Objects you get the best security and peace of mind.